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Just for fun, I thought I'd add some new profiles I have up: Pinterest, which I never thought I'd get into, and About Me.

Doubled Over: A Flash Fiction Horror Story by Jillian Bost

I don't think I've shared this story on here yet. It's just a little piece I wrote for a short horror story contest awhile back. I enjoyed writing it and figured I may as well share it here. Here's Doubled Over. Enjoy!

Back on Track!

Hey all,

So I haven't been posting here much because I haven't been sure of what to say. I've been writing regularly, which I'm happy about, but I haven't been enthusiastic enough about one of my works to keep committed to it... until now. I've found something that I enjoy working on, and I'm on track to finish my first draft soon. I've also been submitting stories again, so fingers crossed!

Still Here

Hey, I'm still around. I've been writing and submitting and hope I'll have some news at some point. I have to admit I've been switching around on projects, which I hate to do, but sometimes you get those story ideas that won't leave you alone, until they do, and then you get another one, and you work on that for awhile, and then it leaves you too. But I'm working on a YA project at the moment that I'm pretty excited about. Fingers crossed.

Happy New Year!

Hi, just wanted to say happy new year. It's been a bit of a drag getting back into work mode after the holidays, but I am working on a fun bizarro novella with supernatural horror elements at the moment. Hopefully I'll have good news about that eventually. Will keep you posted.

Darkling's Beasts and Brews poetry anthology finally out!

Hey, just wanted to note that Darkling's Beast and Brews, a fun poetry anthology published by Lycan Valley Press, is now available for order on Amazon. I've got a little poem in there, a dark fantasy one called "Stolen." Each poem also comes with a drink recipe (some alcoholic, some without alcohol, so there's something for everyone). Follow the link for more info here.