New holiday horror anthology out!

Very pleased to announce I have a short Christmas horror story in the Halldark Holidays anthology, edited by Gabino Iglesias and published by Cemetery Gates Media. My story is "A Wail of a Christmas". There are tons of great authors in this book, including Bev Vincent, Cynthia Pelayo, Brian Keene and many more. Happy holidays!

New Halloween story "Uninvited" in upcoming Scary Snippets anthology

Hey, so I've got a bit of news--my flash horror story "Uninvited" will be published in the upcoming Scary Snippets anthology, which should be available on Hallowen. You can check it out here . Happy reading and Happy Halloween!

Doubled Over: A Flash Fiction Horror Story by Jillian Bost

I don't think I've shared this story on here yet. It's just a little piece I wrote for a short horror story contest awhile back. I enjoyed writing it and figured I may as well share it here. Here's Doubled Over . Enjoy!

Darkling's Beasts and Brews poetry anthology finally out!

Hey, just wanted to note that Darkling's Beast and Brews, a fun poetry anthology published by Lycan Valley Press, is now available for order on Amazon. I've got a little poem in there, a dark fantasy one called "Stolen." Each poem also comes with a drink recipe (some alcoholic, some without alcohol, so there's something for everyone). Follow the link for more info here .

Tennyson and Poe

I published an article on the mutual admiration between Alfred Lord Tennyson and Edgar Allan Poe on my other blog, and thought it might be worth sharing the link here. They're my two favorite poets, and share interesting links which I touch on in the article. You can read it here .

80s in Blood: a Bizarro Anthology

Yay, I finally get to share my news! I have a short bizarro horror story, "Wrestling with the Devil," in the new anthology 80s in Blood . The anthology also has stories from popular authors Laura Lee Bahr and Brian Evenson, among others. It's a free read too! You can find it here . Enjoy!

Tennyson, if I May

So this is very different. It might not be distinctly horror-related (although it could be, I said mysteriously) but I thought it would be worth linking to another blog I have where I discuss, indeed, more horror and sometimes wrestling, two of my great loves, but I also occasionally talk about Tennyson, who I think would not be an indifferent subject in relation to horror, which I may expand upon on a later date. For now, enjoy my thoughts on Tennyson